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Guitars Universum TT series!

We are thrilled to present a brand new line of products made in collaboration between Universum Guitars(Ukraine) and True Temperament(Sweden), Universum TT series. Inspired by modern trends and built to please guitar players of today.

True Temperament fretting system is next the step in evolution of the guitar and opens new horizons for creativity while allowing super-accurate intonation over the whole fretboard.

As every instrument by Universum Guitars, TT Series is made out of finest, naturally dried over decades wood, from the factory reserve.

Equipped with top electronics and hardware from world leading brands.

Ergonomics, playability and modern appearance is what we aimed for while creating TT series. The collection will be presented in a variety of finishes, three totally different body styles, various bridge configurations and six, seven and eight string versions.


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