How to Become Universum Guitars Endorser

How to Become Universum Guitars Endorser

All the time we get a tone of emails and comments with people asking how they can become our endorsers. We thought it would be a good idea to write a comprehensive explanation shedding some light on this very question as well as a few more important related issues.

What is an endorser?

Everyone wants to become an endorser nowadays. That’s understandable. When we look at endorsers of famous brands we see fame, glory, success and appreciation. Famous musicians get, among other things, signature guitar models, tones of free stuff and huge representation in the media. While it is true in some cases, such endorsement deals are incredibly rare. And the chances are that if you need to ask to become an endorser you’re not one of those people. However, it doesn’t mean you and the company in question can’t benefit from a cooperation. That’s why you need to understand how endorsement really works.

First things first, though, a Universum Guitars endorser is a musician, who fell in love with our guitars. An endorser facilitates the promotion of the brand and helps to increase sales. The best case scenario is an endorser, who makes it possible for the company to focus on production and not even think about sales. In other words, endorsers must actively show off company’s products at live gigs, master classes, clinics, trade shows, ads, etc. It’s a misconception that musicians get company products as a gift for such work. In reality the cooperation between a company and its endorser is much more complex. It is always built on mutually beneficial terms. The key word is mutual here.

Moreover, companies can contractually limit the rights of their endorsers to use other companies’ products in public. If endorsers fail to follow the outlined terms their cooperation with the company could be altered or even canceled.

Types of Endorsers

Now that you understand what endorsement actually means let’s discuss types of endorsers. A lot of companies, us included, divide endorsers in four levels. One thing to remember before you read about these levels is that terms of endorsement can differ from person to person and these are only an approximation for a better understanding.

Level One

The first level includes world renowned musicians, who tour and release new music constantly. These endorsers get the most benefits, such as signature guitar models, free accessories and gear, wide support online, as well as all the other benefits that lower level endorsers get. If these endorsers help to significantly increase sales, they are offered a partnership and as a result they profit from the sales of their signature guitars. In return, they constantly promote our guitars at all their gigs, master classes, etc. First level endorsers need to show off our promotional material at various events as well. These musicians become the face of the company, which means that they clearly understand the company’s philosophy and values.

Level Two

Second level endorsers are widely known musicians with a fairly large online following and a significant number of gigs per year. They can expect a special endorser price for a limited number of guitars per year and online support. They are also invited to take part in promotional events and materials, such as ads, YouTube videos or reviews. Their responsibilities are very similar to the ones already stated above. The only difference is the scope of the events and gigs, where they promote our guitars.

Level Three

The endorsers of the third level are very well known local musicians with loyal fans. They perform all the time (are you starting to see a pattern yet?) and represent the company on local markets. They generally get smaller discounts and support on company’s social media. Sometimes, they are invited to participate in promotional materials and events in their regions – for example, master classes or reviews in local music stores. Once again they are to play our guitars in public as much as possible and promote Universum Guitars at all the events they take part in.

Level Four

The fourth level includes people who already use company’s products. They make videos, write blogs and play gigs. By doing so they already provide some small measure of advertisement for the company. What separates them from people who simply own our guitar is that they show off our instruments at live shows, in videos and other events. These people can sometimes get an instrument to shoot a video or a review. The fourth level endorsers can be represented on company’s social media pages and even get a guitar for an event like a gig on TV or a professional music video shoot.

Bear in mind, that with the growth of popularity and reach endorsers can level up to better terms of cooperation.

What are we looking for in our endorsers?

You could have already guessed that a good endorser first and foremost shows what she/he can do for the company. And what a company is the most interested in is increasing sales, which is the main goal of cooperation with an endorser. Here are some things that we look at when considering whether to include an artist to our endorser list:


Mentions in media (social media, TV, printed media, etc.);

Charisma and image;

Albums, singles, EPs, music videos, other already existing and future releases;

Contract with a record label (status of the label is also considered);

Gear the artist uses;

Gigging and touring (the more you perform the better);

Social media activity (popular social media pages, personal websites, etc.).

Actually we have an application form for those seeking to become our endorsers that goes into more detail. We’ll send it to you if you contact us via email. Also, don’t be discouraged if you feel you’re not the most popular guitar player ever, because we’re also looking at your potential as a musician and an asset to the company.

Moreover, one of the most important things we need to understand is why you want to be our endorser. First, answer the following questions for yourself and when you get to the application form, it will be easier for you to fill it in:

Why Universum Guitars and not some other company?

Why do you like our guitars?

How can you help our company and attract new clients?

Are you committed to a long-term working relationships?

Are you ready to take part in our events and promotional campaigns?

In Conclusion

We hope that now you understand that being an endorser of Universum Guitars means working very hard. You won’t get any perks otherwise. Also, remember that we are looking for musicians, who are in love with our guitars. If that’s you, what you need to do is become a great musician and gain a fan base, think what you can do for the company and then you’ll become our endorser. Be prepared to start working form the ground up with small perks, and if you prove yourself as an asset to the company you will rise through the ranks of endorsement levels. Everything depends on you!


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