Mike Kupris from Become the Knight Gets his Left-Handed Sofia

Mike Kupris from Become the Knight Gets his Left-Handed Sofia

We worked with Mike from Become the Knight YouTube channel a few times already. He made a few videos with our Galaxy series guitars, as well as a review of them. You can check out his videos...

You can check out those videos here https://youtu.be/BzFWtfJ7w60 - the one with Corona, https://youtu.be/1SHTMTsPLtI - the one with Sirius and https://youtu.be/8J5NeG3wlHE - the review.

Mike is an awseome guy, who really likes music and especially metall. He loves what he does, has rather strong opinions and he's not shy about expressing them. If anything of the above resonates with you, you really should check out his channel.

 One problem was that those guitars are right-handed, while Mike himself is lefty. So we decided to make a left-handed guitar especially for him. He chose Sofia.

Also, we hadn't seen it before, but after Mike got his Sofia, people started saying that this guitar kinda looks like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars (as if we even needed to say this title). It wasn't intentional, but maybe there are some similarities.

Do you think it looks anything like it or is it just our imagination? Should we make something like that again?

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