WorkHorse and How It Is Different

WorkHorse and How It Is Different

Since we made WorkHorse guitar for SoloDallas we have been getting a lot of questions about its difference from the guitar that inspired it. You know what we’re talking about, the famous guitar of Malcolm Young from AC/DC. We decided to put a stop to all these questions once and for all and write an article about all the differences and important features our guitar has.

Shape and Neck

It took us a really long time to make Golden Ratio calculations and design this guitar in accordance with these principles. The hard part was to still make it look like Malcolm Young’s guitar that we all know and love. It allowed us to put our own spin on the guitar classic and yet still make it look familiar. The neck profile here is modern C. It creates a whole different and more comfortable feel when you play the guitar.


Obviously this is our headstock that looks completely different from the original version. Aside from looks there’s one more important difference. Mainly this is the 18 degree-angle, which is also the result of our Golden Ratio design approach.

Neck Joint

Over these years, there have been numerous iterations of Malcolm Young’s guitar. Each had a few differences here and there. We believe that every little detail influences the tone in conjunction with everything else in the guitar. That’s why the neck joint we went with is the classic one, as you can see in the picture.

Our Special Features

This guitar, as all the other instruments we make, contains our innovative design solutions. These include, the unikey in the guitar’s body. It’s a special that you can use to adjust intonation, bridge, pickup height and truss rod. Speaking of truss rod, ours is also special. It is a two-way truss rod with adjusting nut between frets that we developed ourselves.

In Conclusion

All these little things make a huge difference when they all work together. The guitar feels and sounds different. The tone is completely our own. Yes, we could have made the shape a lot different too, but then it wouldn’t be an homage to the awesome guitar that Malcolm Young used throughout his career, would it?

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