Ukrainian guitarist, composer and teacher.  Huge Universum Guitars friend and endorser.



In 1999 he finished guitar class of Kyiv Glier Institute. Besides teacher’s activity takes part as a guitar performer in various festivals and concerts.

Shared stage with famous guitarists such as: Sergo Chanturia, May Lian, Dmitry Chetvergov, Igor Boyko, Lulu Reinhard etc.

In 2018 released his debut album “Heart of the Ocean”, singles from this album became the TOP 10 best compositions of Instrumental Rock Chrat on the CD.Baby music portal and for a long time have been holding the positions form 2nd to 8th, also considered best instrumental tracks without reference to genre in the Moods Instrumental block.

For present time Oleg Kalbenko maintains active concert activity with his “Heart of the Ocean” album, provides master classes for guitar and works on his new instrumental album.



The path to Unknown